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The Planning Edge has deep expertise in virtually every aspect of higher education. We have worked with major research universities, nationally ranked private colleges, public universities, smaller liberal arts colleges, brand new colleges, HBCUs, medical schools, community colleges, and professional organizations that support higher education. We’ve also worked with primary and secondary public and independent schools.

We’ve worked with boards of trustees, presidents, provosts, deans, faculty, senior administrators and managers. We have worked with every major function on campus.

Our work focuses on strategic planning at both the institutional level and at the functional level. We also support institutions in designing and implementing strategic initiatives, ranging from international studies to curriculum redesign, from enrollment management to student life, from accreditation to technology planning.

Higher Education clients
Project examples
  • Enrollment management plan: 30% increase in yield, 25% increase in applications, and an increase in student quality.
  • Plan to improve the financial well-being of a university by increasing enrollment 20% within the physical infrastructure while maintaining academic quality.
  • Initial strategic planning and accreditation efforts for the first new four year college in the US this century.
  • Information technology strategic plan for one of the largest research universities in the country.
  • Helping smaller liberal arts colleges develop plans to compete effectively against lower cost public institutions and better known private institutions.
  • Quantitative research studies among students, faculty, prospects, boards and others to truly understand specific issues ranging from curriculum development to binge drinking, from perceptions among prospects to satisfaction with student life.
  • For a consortium of community colleges, four year institutions and public schools, a strategic plan to address the shortage of nursing and allied health professionals.
  • Annual enrollment management research among prospects, admitted/enrolled students, and admitted/not enrolled students.
  • Comprehensive research among faculty to help redesign general education requirements.
  • On-going assessment of school system and community college partnership effort over a span of ten years.