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The Planning Edge is experienced in working with governments and agencies, and in dealing with their different constituents’ needs and issues. We have designed and organized community meetings, economic development summits, board retreats, and extensive community surveys. We have helped agencies and city government create inspiring visions and missions and focus their efforts on priorities they can affect.

Planning that identifies and addresses long-term issues and sets up successes for the future is essential for government. Political differences, competing interest groups, the constant need to address today’s issues, instead of tomorrow’s, and structural limitations such as open meeting laws pose unique planning issues. Nevertheless, we would argue that many of the problems  our society faces today were entirely evident years ago, but were avoided rather than confronted.

Government clients

Project examples
  • Strategic plan for a city government.
  • Economic development summit for a region hit by a decline in primary industries located in the region.
  • Leading a task force to address decline in the young adults in a city.
  • Strategic plan for a regional economic development agency responsible for helping to change the economic make-up of a 13 county region.
  • Organization planning for a Job Training and Employment Center to address welfare reform.