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The Planning Edge has worked with non-profit organizations since it was founded. We value the role they play in our society. We have worked with organizations dealing with health and human services, children, the arts, museums, historic preservation, animal protection, the aging, the homeless and the hungry, civil rights, endangered youth, and public radio. We have helped small grass roots organizations and large agencies.

Non-profit organizations face difficult issues including shoestring budgets that rely on many income sources, multiple constituencies sometimes with contradictory goals, having the responsibility to address some of our society’s most difficult issues, focus on outcomes rather than activities, and reliance on volunteers as integral players in service delivery.

For many non-profits with whom we have worked we have seen how a transforming vision can lead to wondrous results. We have also seen plans that we produced give non-profit organizations the credibility to successfully undertake and complete multi-million dollar capital campaigns.

Planning projects can often be funded through one time grants, therefore not impacting on-going operations.

Non-Profit clients

Project examples
  • Strategic and business plan for an international museum that provided a convincing rationale to funders and enabled the museum to reach its capital campaign goal.
  • Strategic plan for a homeless and food ministry that successfully guided its effort for 5 years. We were brought back in to update the plan for the next five years to ensure continued success.
  • Five year business plan for a historic theater in need of complete restoration that enabled it to reach its campaign goals, complete restoration and open. The plan included identifying new collaborators that would be important sources of on-going income.
  • Plans for local partnerships involved with early childhood development throughout North Carolina. The partnerships are part of North Carolina’s nationally recognized Smart Start program.
  • Strategic plan to guide a 100 year old agency providing Head Start, adoption, counseling and hot line services for the 21st century.
  • Strategic plan for a national museum as it was being merged with a university.
  • Merger plan for two United Way-supported agencies.
  • Organizational assessment for a public radio station that resulted in required culture change.