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The Planning Edge has provided counsel to large and small businesses in the food, furniture, publishing, manufacturing, technology, housing, financial services, textiles, service, and distribution industries.

Our principals have extensive corporate and consulting experience, enabling us to understand a client’s perspective ("walk in their shoes") and to provide an objective experienced-based outside perspective as well. Having worked with hundreds of clients, The Planning Edge has insights that even long-term executives and managers have never acquired.

We have developed extensive strategic plans that provide guidance for the future, as well as planning support on specific initiatives.

Business clients

Project examples
  • Fast-track introduction of a new product line, working directly for the president and collaborating with all departments.
  • Customer-service program process redesign resulting in over fifty enhancements.
  • Nationwide homebuyers research to understand preferences for design and location of new homes, to guide real estate purchasers and home designers.
  • In-depth one-on-one interviews with US retail buyers to gauge their reaction to a potential re-design and re-branding of a major national brand.
  • Marketing audit of design and content of catalogs, the primary marketing communication vehicle for a nationally distributed line of products, resulting in more effective and focused catalogs.
  • Key customer analysis to identify where a company should focus efforts for the greatest return.
  • Extensive analyses of the marketplace that help businesses understand their business better (One experienced CEO said, "Until this analysis I never really understood our business.").
  • Technology planning to identify changes in resource allocation due to corporate realignment.
  • Transition planning for a small business considering a generational change in leadership.